What Makes Berger Bullets Exceptional

When it comes to premium rifle bullets, the name Berger Bullets is what most shooters would first think of. Having been around for more than six decades, the company has already established a solid reputation being a world leader in the production of high quality rifle bullets. Today, there are over 20 countries selling Berger bullets Australia shoppes offer. In fact, the country is among those with more than two authorized dealers of the said top rifle bullets.

What contributed significantly to this massive success were the exceptionally high quality-control standards that the company’s founder, Walter Berger, has established. Said principles guarantee the production of every bullet to precise tolerances. No wonder more and more firearms stores are opening their doors to offer the said bullet brand.

In Australia alone, if you try searching for ammunitions and other accessories for guns online, Berger bullets will always show up. Their market presence is continuously increasing and they became a favorite among competition shooters. In a 2015 poll, for instance, it was found that shooters tend to shoot Berger bullets 10 times more than any other brand. Additionally, 79% of hand loaders preferred using the best rifle bullets. Click here The Barn

Here are some essential factors that make Berger bullets Australia and other countries offer a match winner:

Made of premier quality materials

Consistent with the company’s manufacturing standards, Berger bullets are made only with the finest materials. Using high quality lead and copper helps eliminate impurities and other material issues resulting in the production of bullets with the required weight and ogive tolerances. One more thing, Berger exerts all efforts to resolve any quality issue related to a bullet or bullet lot.

Built with the most concentric bullet jackets

Aside from the raw materials of which Berger bullets were made, these were also built with the world’s most consistent and concentric bullet jackets known as the J4 Precision Jackets. Most benchrest shooters and traditional bullet makers trust only these gilding-metal jackets.

Multiple purposes

Berger bullets are created for various purposes including hunting, tactical, target, and varmint shooting. This means that anyone in the country who’s looking for top calibre bullets for any purpose can avail of Berger bullets Australia stores offer today. In addition to their varied bullet lines, the company also has diverse bullet designs, namely VLD (Very Low Drag), Elite Hunter, Classic Hunter, Hybrid, Flat Base, High BC Flat Base, Boat Tail, and Long Range Boat Tail.

Each of these designs was made for specific purposes. For example, the VLD bullets have proven their efficiency in shooting animals. However, as these bullets are best for long-range shooting, they may not work best on your 410 shotgun. In such case, you will need a larger one.

So for your next big game hunting or competition shooting, make sure to use only Berger bullets. For your extraordinary shooting experience, you can bring a magnificent firearm such as an Akkar Churchill shotgun which is known as the best value rifle in Australia. You can purchase this online through The Barn. For more details, visit their website on https://www.thebarn.net.au/categories/Berger+Bullets/4160 now.